Saturday, February 7, 2009

Le Eye Magic!

Professional eye shadow in one simple stroke. You don’t need to be a magician, or a make-up artist with Chi Chi Cosmetics new Eye Magic. Simply press on eye lid and swipe across for perfect results.

Chi Chi Cosmetics has created Eye Magic in 18 different colour combinations with colours ranging from two tone browns to four banded brighter pinks and blues,catering for subtle day wear, as well as bright party girl colours.
Each packet contains 7 applications.

This cosmetic breakthrough is ideal for women on the move or for those women who are not confident with eye shadow self-application.

The Sad Side to this almost Fantasy Le Eye Magic post is that the eye magic range is only available in Australia. So If you every visit Australia make shore to visit the shop, or to find your nearest location:

**Guys Don't bother, i searched all over the net for online chi chi products, no luck**

I tried to give a chi chi eye-magic make-over to the almost look-a-like-me, but "hey" it did'nt go so well. but trust me, you're chi chi eye magic solution will go way better, i own my own and it is a bluddy time saver, literally.


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